Unified System

Supports to break down the barriers between systems, locations, to simplify the process integration of medical, clinical, regulatory, and quality areas across the globe. Throughout the product's entire development and commercialization cycle, an updated content is always accessible to the concerned stakeholders.

Enables the business teams and process to evolve and transform the way in which your organisation accomplishes its objectives. TuraDome is a user-friendly, automated, and content management system that increases your organization's productivity, scalability, and ability to standardize. With TuraDome's Content Management System, you can centralise medical content, increase collaboration, and maintains security of the documents.

About Us

Turacoz Group, named after a colorful bird in Sub-Saharan Africa, was established in 2014. We are a group of passionate professionals united to make a difference in how science is communicated. Our diversity and inclusiveness bring together the best brains and hearts to serve a very dynamic and challenging space.

What Do we Do?

We provide cohesive, concise, and concrete communication in specific languages and formats to diverse clients across varied fields, like biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, vaccines, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, aesthetics, consumer healthcare, research institutes and industries, academics, and healthcare professionals. We believe in delivering high quality work by focusing equally on creating, reviewing, and quality checks.

Whom Do we Serve?

Some of our global clients are top MNCs like Pfizer, Novartis, Roche, Novo Nordisk, Veeva to name a few. We also train freshers and healthcare professionals in medical and scientific writing.

Our Solutions

Our aim is to provide complete solutions to our clients, allowing them to enhance patient care. We stay connected with our clients to understand their business and needs. We listen to them, always, to provide the best matched solutions. Our OKR (Objective and Key results) approach focusses on creating the right mix of people, content, channel, time for our clients and partners and for their audience that include scientific professionals, medical, non-medical, regulatory audience, and laymen. Our team continuously collects information from around the world, understanding the global demand and supply patterns. We create valuable opportunities for our clients and partners with our expertise in medical communications.

Why Turacoz?

Understanding science, presenting the evidence in an audience-specific language and format, and communicating a story throughout the product life cycle is what sets Turacoz apart. For us, our clients are at the center of all our doing. Turacoz’s team is highly expertized and experienced and believes in employing the right approach the very first time itself. We believe in working with perfection while maintaining ethics and confidentiality.

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